Transfer Factor Advanced Formula™


Transfer Factor is a smart molecule in our bodies whose job is to identify a potential threat, react intelligently and precisely to that threat, and retain that information throughout your future so it can become immune to that threat the next time your body encounters it.

– Identify, React, and Retain –

We’re born with Transfer Factors, and they are found in breast milk. When Transfer Factors are concentrated and consumed, it has a tremendous effect on the human immune system. Transfer factors can up-regulate the immune system and down-regulate the immune system depending on what the immune system needs at that time.

There are literally THOUSANDS of Scientific studies on Transfer Factors by scientists from all over the world! From 1974 to 1999, scientists from Italy and France used transfer factors on 1647 patients with no side effects. One-third of these patients were observed for 25 years.

Transfer Factor

Advanced Formula™​

Transfer Factor Has Shown To Increase The Body’s Natural Production of Glutathione – S – Transferase By 150%